Why You Should Join Our Pack

Cub Scout Pack 180 has a long and storied history history of bringing a Scouting program to the youth of our area. Chartered by St. Elizabeth's Parish on Hubbard St. in Ludlow, for generations we have been passing on skills that can be used for a lifetime. As times change, so does our program. We are committed to bringing the best possible program to help students in K-5 be prepared for life. While committed to bring an excellent outdoor program to our youth, we keep up with the times and include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) as a unique feature of our Pack.  Through their years in Cub Scouting, the youth will have fun with a purpose. From fire and police station visits, to camping at our own camp located right here in Ludlow, to bowling and summer camp, there is always another fun lesson in life right around the corner.

Scouting is a family experience, and we rely on the resources of our families, as each of us possess some different skill, hobby, or passion to share with the group. We encourage all families to be involved as it enriches the program and the individual. Your child will only grow up once, don't miss it. Let us help you enjoy that growing experience with memories that will last a lifetime.